Primodrum offers a proudly South African range of professionally made stainless steel drums and filtration systems. Our products are specifically designed for koi pond owners looking for optimum filtration with very low maintenance. Primodrum filters ensure excellent water conditions and healthy pond life, while remaining user-friendly and reliable. We offer complete systems that are suitable and adaptable to any situation.


Superior material and fabrication – Laser cut and CNC bent marine grade stainless steel guarantee durability and sustainability at affordable prices.

While gravity fed systems are preferred, all units can be converted from gravity flow to pressure fed systems at no extra cost.

Spray bar made in stainless steel heavy schedule pipe, with high quality jet nozzles that are easy to clean and maintain.

Float switches are adjustable and low maintenance.

The latest innovation in woven stainless steel 70 micron mesh used on our high flow designed drums.

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